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FOXDATA TEAM is a small world in which all of the paper. We started our activities in 2016. The main activity is the creation of games on paper. But not all the games you can play on paper. On paper the idea of ​​the world I have pushed students. They always something written or read, write on paper and in the plate, read pictures and stuff on the plate. Two Worlds - paper and screen, so why not combine them? On paper we can draw absolutely everything, and we revive. If you have your idea to paper games write a detailed description of the idea. We will be glad to cooperate and open to new initiatives.



We released our first project - a classic puzzle game.

11.23.2016 8:06


Version 1.1 is now available - place records in Game Center

01.03.2017 10:02



The bird is no longer popular.

02.18.2017 1:45


Version 1.1 is now available

04.13.2017 7:45



Find your smile - connect the smileys

05.05.2017 20:50